2016 Candidates Forum

33rd Annual Candidates Forum


The Duncanville Chamber of Commerce and the Duncanville Rotary Club held the 33rd Annual Candidates Forum on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the City of Duncanville Council Chambers.

This event gave candidates an opportunity to address issues that will impact election results. Candidates in opposed races were given a 3 minute opening statement. In addition, a moderator asked questions to be answered by the candidates in a 1 minute response.  Each candidate then had 1 ½ minutes for their closing remarks.

Candidates running unopposed were given 3-5 minutes to make a statement.

Click here to go to view the YouTube videos from the event.

Duncanville ISD Board of Trustee Candidates

Place 1
Tom Kennedy*
Rita Martinez – withdrawn 02/25/16

Place 2
Phil McNeely*

Place 3
Marlies Peregory* – withdrawn 02/25/16
Joe Veracruz 

City of Duncanville Officer Candidates

Mark D. Cooks
David L. Green*

District 2
Steven E. Rutherford*
Gwenda Joyce Lowe

District 4
Ron Dotson, M.D.*
Lorraine Hood-Jack

*Denotes incumbent